Green Book

Capstone Project

There is very little black representation within businesses in the black community and the greater Chicago land area in the state of Illinois. Then the support for these black-owned businesses is even smaller. THE PROBLEM IS if the establishments aren’t within the local community the odds of support from the black community will never happen because they don’t know about them. Therefore, the idea for the Green Book is to provide support and expansion for local black-owned business through the creation of this series.

The Green Book will contain the history of black own business within the Chicago land area and the cultural relativeness of these historical businesses within today’s society! This series of books will create an incentive for the black men and women to shop within their respective communities in efforts to support black business and culture. Not only will this series of zines contain local black-owned businesses but will offer an incentive for Chicago natives to explore and find themselves within an ever-growing city. This project will consist of three Zines that will be created in to assist in the awareness of black-owned businesses in FOOD, CLOTHING, and MUSIC industries to provide an authentic experience within Chicago.

2019 Photobook

This photography book was created from the works of my 2018 - 2019 school year and client work. The project range from fine and conceptual art to product shots and editorial magazine photos. I really enjoyed creating this book and watching my skills develop and reminiscing on each individual shoot.

This body of work contains some of my favorite pieces of work that I have created during my undergraduate years as a photographer. The style that I created and the subjects that I chose helped to reinforce the theme of each project I was working on. Within this book, the main theme that you will find is based on the beauty of the human portrait and body. I am grateful for the time I spent in Chicago and at DePaul University. I was able to develop my skills and talents to be able to reach my goals.


Campaign Advertisement

An in-class assignment, I took the opportunity to design an advertising campaign for a personal friend's clothing brand, MONK. Created by designer Yaseen Llewellyn, MONK is designed for the eclectic high fashion minimalist. Designed for the runway, these placements aim to target consumers in fashion capitals like London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo.


The vision for this project was to combine the photographic image and design to manifest a creative brief that embodies the overall message of MONK. After consulting with the designer on, we were able to construct a style in which the images effectively conveyed  MONK's visual aesthetic. Using formal studio techniques such as three-point lighting, strobe lights, dark backdrops and 55mm to 80mm lenses we were able to create images in the likes of Vogue and GQ.

In the process of creating MONK's visual aesthetic, we wanted to create a mock advertising campaign to further endorse the brand and increase brand exposure. We choose to use billboards, magazine spreads, and signage to showcase the 2017 fall line of MONK. The objective of these placements was to increase the appeal and display the complexity of the brand. This was enhanced through the use of typography choosing a luxurious font under the name Didot.


The final design was creating a low fidelity, three- dimensional billboard that enforced the simplicity of the brand. The idea was to create a billboard with a denim background and realistic zipper providing the illusion of being in the foreground. Overall this campaign met and exceeded our expectations giving life to the MONK brand.

Graphic Flyer

Motion Graphics

This motion graphic poster was an assignment from the last course I took in my undergrad career. I take tremendous pride in this because it allowed me to build off my current design skills by including motion. The use of motion within this graphic allowed me to include more information, creativity, and dimension to what would normally be a skill and uninteresting image. The use of motion allows the designer to capture the attention of the viewer in multiple facets that a still image cannot. Within this project, I was able to increase/decrease the size of text, move objects in and out of the frame in addition to changing the opacity and color.

These quick and subtle transitions allowed me to provide the information within the flyer in a unique and seamless way. Another advantage of motion graphics is the use of sound allowing for the control of tempo as it relates to the movement of the graphic. Overall this project was fun and invigorating because it allowed me to enhance my creativity with designing flyers and posters in a new way. It also provided me the opportunity to advance my skills in Adobe After-Effects.



School / Fraternity / Commercial 

My flyer and poster work is created for my fraternity, commercial and school work. These designs are composed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and are made with the intent to publicize events, campaigns, movies and other organization's events. Most of the work above is a blend of photographic images, illustration and the use of typographic grids. Designing and creating flyers and poster was my original passion which brought me to graphic design. My introduction to posters and flyers began in high school with the creation of flyers for the athletics department. It allowed me to find creative and innovative ways to provide general information to a mass audience. It is my hope that I can continue similar work through working within a brand or agency.


it's Lit

Live Word Porject

 For this assignment,  I was tasked with creating a live or dimensional word. Working with a physical element took me out of my comfort zone after working solely on digital object compared to physical ones. This was one of my favorite projects because it let me express my creativity in a new and unique way. For my word, I chose to showcase it through the form of video and sculpting.

I chose to use the phrase, "It's Lit" referencing rapper Travis Scott's song Antidote. 

The idea I created for my word was to make it a literal manifestation of what the word represents. Creating my word from plank wood using a CNC Router, I wanted to cut out the letters, douse them in alcohol before lighting them on fire. I then created a time-lapse that allowed me to capture the entire process from start to finish. 


School Work

This assignment really allowed me to display my ability to incorporate diversity and cohesion into my work.

The objective of this project was to design a booklet using typographic grids, unique fonts, and the photographic image. The Project was created to be an informative magazine about Brian Donnelly’s brand Kaws. Using InDesign, I was able to create unique and interesting spreads about the artwork, clothing, and shows that helped to create the brand KAWS. The importance of this project was to redefine my skills within InDesign and the publication of layouts and spreads.​

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